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The Devil of Bessans

Le Diable de Bessans - D.Cuvelier - OTHMV
  • Diable de Bessans - HMVT - FRESH INFLUENCE
  • The Devil, emblem of the village of Bessans - HMVT - I.Pauwels-Etiévant

In Bessans, sculpture is a tradition dating back more than 4 centuries. Spinning wheels and distaffs, salt hens, wooden toys, statues, crosses... abound. The most famous sculpture is the devil, the emblem of Bessans, whose origin dates back to 1857.


In 1857, a conflict arose between the parish priest and a cantor, Etienne Vincendet. The latter, who must have had a rebellious and facetious spirit, sculpted a devil carrying a priest in his arms and placed the object under the window of the religious. The priest brought the work back to the window of its creator. The latter starts again, and the merry-go-round continues until the sculptor, tired, gives up the game. The figurine remained on a window corner where a tourist noticed it and bought it. A strange trade was born.


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The Devil of Bessans
Place du village 73480 Bessans