Biathlon Contest

On August 22, 2024, Bessans will host the Biathlon Contest at the Stade International de Haute Maurienne Vanoise. An opportunity to (re)discover biathlon and cheer on the greatest biathletes.

Jeudi 22 août 2024
Bessans, Biathlon Contest

Biathlon Contest

The summer Nordic event of Bessans!

An unmissable summer event for more and more professional teams. It's a chance for spectators to watch the biggest names in biathlon, but also to learn the ropes for free.

On the programme: events combining ski-wheeling + shooting, as well as direct shooting confrontations between the national teams and the other biathletes present!

Avec la présence de l’Equipe de France Equipe de France de biathlon avec notamment Julia Simon, Lou Jeanmonnot, Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, Emilien Jacquelin et Quentin Fillon Maillet, les Comités de l’Ain et de Savoie et le District Maurienne.

While the pros compete, spectators and amateurs can try out biathlon in summer mode. Rollerblading around the track, then shooting with a laser rifle, there's plenty to discover in this spectacular sport.

Bessans: a renowned training center for biathlon (...) The national and international teams who come in summer and winter are not mistaken!


🛈 Le programme est susceptible d’être modifié. Certaines animations seront payantes et sous réservation.

Jeudi 22 août 2024


09h30 – 12h00

Stade international de biathlon

Initiations et découverte du Biathlon
• Tir à 10m (5€/pers – Inscription en Office de Tourisme)
• Tir à 50m (10€/pers – Inscription en Office de Tourisme)
• Tir laser (Gratuit – sans réservation)
• Ski-roue (Gratuit – sans réservation)


12h30 – 14h30

Stade international de biathlon

Shows Biathlon
• Mass-start (U15 H – U15 F – U17 et + H/F)


15h00 – 16h00

Stade international de biathlon

Défis tirs : U17 et + avec la présence de l’équipe de France DE Biathlon


16h00 – 16h10

Stade international de biathlon



16h10 – 16h30

Stade international de biathlon


Top 5 summer activities, learn to biathlon
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Try biathlon all summer long

The Biathlon Contest is the highlight of the summer for discovering biathlon and meeting the best French and international athletes. But all summer long, you can try out biathlon at Bessans. With free laser rifle initiation courses every Wednesday, or private lessons with ski-wheeling and shooting.

Free introductory shooting courses

Bessans chosen by the French team

On a vast plateau nestled at an altitude of 1,750 m in Haute Maurienne Vanoise, Bessans is a renowned training center in the world of biathletes in ski-touring and biathlon.

"Quality of facilities, altitude, possibility of multiplying activities and varying training... The Haute Maurienne Vanoise Nordic resort is recognized by the top cross-country and biathlon teams."
Vincent Vittoz, coach of the French men's biathlon team.

(video © SavoieLeDepartement)


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