Fatbike and moonbike

In Bessans, test the "fatbike" mountain bike all winter and discover the new 100% electric activity "Moonbike". On the ski area, take advantage of the dedicated tracks to practice the fatbike, a mountain bike equipped with extra-large wheels that allow to ride easily on the snow. You can also take the controls of an electric snowmobile Moonbike on a dedicated and specially designed circuit.

New activity


Electric snowmobile on circuit

A new winter 2023 activity in Bessans: the Moonbike. On a closed circuit with a track mixing straight lines, turns and bumps, you will learn how to handle this new extremely fun machine halfway between the motorcycle and the snow-scooter. This electric snowmobile is easy to handle because of its simple design (one gas pedal, one brake).

Winter activities moonbike in Bessans video cover
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