The devil of Bessans

Country of altitude and legends, it is said that Bessans is the country of the Devil! Do you know why ? Let us tell you the story...


The legend of the devil of Bessans

Diabolique Bessans

In Bessans, the devil can be seen at the fountains, in the shops and even on the schools and houses. With cross-country skiing, it is even the symbol of the village!
Bessans and the devil, it's a whole history. In 1857, a dispute between the brotherhood of the cantors of Bessans and the village priest was "solved" thanks to a wooden sculpture representing the devil holding a priest under his arm... Since then, the tradition has continued!
Take a walk through the streets of the village and stop by the "Chapoteur", the woodcarving workshop where Georges and Fabrice Personnaz carve devils and keep the legend alive!
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The Nordic soul

The spaces of the great north, with the added bonus of steep slopes! An invitation to travel between Vanoise and Italy.
The Nordic soul

Label Terre d'alpinisme

Recently labeled "Land of Mountaineering", the people of Bessans continue to commit themselves to help as many people as possible discover the assets of this beautiful mountain.
Label Terre d'alpinisme

Averole and hamlets of Bessans

The valley of Averole is an important valley that you can discover on the right side at the exit of Bessans in the direction of Bonneval sur Arc.
Averole and hamlets of Bessans

The International Biathlon Stadium

Thanks to the advantages of the altitude and snow cover of the Bessans plateau, the inter-communal project for an international biathlon stadium, supported by the Community of Communes of Haute Maurienne, was born in 1998, with the help of the medal-winning athlete Hervé Flandin, a native of the valley.